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cs cover 1 Pencils WIP 5 aged lores.jpg
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"Crimson Shadows" Universe

Written & Created by Scott Zambelli
Pencils by Scott Zambelli (Issues 2 & 3)
                      J Travis Smith (Issues 1 & 2)

Inks by Kevin E Meinert
Lettering by Brett R Pinson
Layouts & Colors by Scott Zambelli

"Crimson Shadows" is an intense series set in late 1800s London where the worlds of Jack the Ripper, Dracula, Vampires, Demons, and Christianity collide where the darkness seems to be an inevitable end for all. 

06 - CS2 Covers 01 Zambelli
CS3 Cover - Unlimited.jpg
Homage Cover.jpg
Kickstarter Cover Image.jpg
Creatures and Creators Cover.jpg

"Creatures and Creators"

Written & Created by Kevin E Meinert
Contributing Artists: Kevin E. Meinert, Scott Zambelli, Sean Forney, Jay E Fife, Erik Hodson, and more!

A collection of illustrations, portraits, and biographies highlighting 12 creators of the greatest literary creatures of all time. 

Cover Front  FINAL Bardstone jpg.jpg

"Immanuel: God with Us"

Written & Created by Scott Zambelli

Interior Art by Scott Zambelli

Cover by Chris Scalf

This is my humble attempt to create a comprehensive and linear telling of the life of Christ from conception through crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. As you may (or may not) know, is this is a huge challenge since there are what appears to be some minor discrepancies that occur (which is understandable considering these are four different accounts of events made by four different individuals as seen from each of their points of view). While there are minor differences in some details, all four Gospels are unified in the larger message and account. My purpose for this series is to use the premise that all accounts are 100% accurate and stage the scenes in a way that would explain the discrepancies between accounts.

Cover Art by Kevin Meinert.jpg

"Poe: Macabre Master"

by Kevin E Meinert

This 3-4 issue limited series by Kevin E Meinert features classic Poe tales with a new twist! Stay tuned for information on the Kickstarter we will be soon.

Poe 3 Cover.jpg
WR1 Cover.jpg

"Wretched Realms"

by Scott Zambelli

Wretched Realms is a dark anthology series created by Scott Zambelli where each issue features new tales written and illustrated by various guest Creators.

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